Updates on DNA, genetic health and ancestry

New K36 oracle


We have added a free oracle (by Lukasz Macuga) where you can compare yourself to 477 ancient genomes! If you go to K36 (by Davidski) you can use the oracle to reveal your results!

New free reports and new supported file format


We have added 73 new free SNPs, related to East Asian origins in the “EDAR” report on the Ancestry page.

We have also added support for Genes for Good (23andme unphased genotype file format).

Posted by Gemma on May 1st, 2019

Recommended forum

Go to this new independent forum to discuss yourDNAportal results:

Posted by Gemma on December 29th 2018

New - use the Oracle to interpret your ancestry results


New ancestry calculator

We have added a new free ancestry calculator: MDLPK6 by Vadim Verenich of the Magnus Ducatus Lituaniae Project.

Posted by Gemma on November 26th 2018

Recommended reading: Eurogenes Blog

Focusing on ancient population genomics research.

Posted by Gemma on November 1st 2018

New ancestry calculator

We have added a new free ancestry calculator: K16 by Łukasz Macuga of the LM Genetics Project.

Posted by Gemma on October 22nd 2018

New feature

We have added a function that displays any missing results: if your genome file does not contain the SNP for a marker we are analysing your result will now show a “no call”.

Posted by Gemma on September 29th 2018

We have added a new report in the ancestry section.


This mutation arose 35,000 years ago in China, in a gene called EDAR. It confers, thicker hair follicles, straight hair, shovel shaped incisor teeth, more eccrine sweat glands, greater mammary duct branching density and smaller breasts (in women).

This variant is present in Native American and East Asian people. It is not present in Africans and Europeans therefore it can be used to identify Native American ancestry or track Mongolian influences in Europe and West Asia.

Posted by Gemma on September 21st 2018

Recommended reading

Who we are and how we got here - Ancient DNA and the new science of the human past

A fascinating book from the geneticist David Reich, which utilises the innovation of whole genome extraction to explore our ancient past - revolutionising the understanding of our origins, which previously depended on Archaeology and Linguistics.

Posted by Gemma on September 18th 2018

Luigi Luca Cavalli-Sforza

Genoa, Italy 25 January 1922 - Belluno, Italy 31 August 2018

Posted by Gemma on September 1st 2018

New ancestry calculator

We have added a new free ancestry calculator: K47 by Łukasz Macuga of the LM Genetics Project.

Posted by Gemma on August 18th 2018

New account management features

We have added a new account management section on the profile page.

Posted by Gemma on July 3rd 2018

Recent developments

We have added a new ethnicity calculator in the Ancestry section.

We have created a new health report: Reproductive health, male and female fertility.

The results for the health sections have been refreshed - Your traits-Your health risks- Your inherited conditions- Your drug response.

Some file format issues that were giving a few erroneous results for one of the ancestry calculators have been resolved.

We are accepting one raw data genome file per membership and email address. If you want to upload other files you can create another account with a different username and email address. We may implement being able to upload multiple files per account at some point in the future.

Posted by Gemma on June 22nd 2018

We are now supporting additional file formats

We are now accepting uploads of raw data files from LivingDNA, YourHeritageDNA, National Geographic Geno 2.0, in addition to 23andme, Ancestry and FTDNA. You can upload your raw genetic data files from these providers on the “upload your genome data page”. There are instructions on how to obtain your raw data from your test provider.

If you have had a DNA test with a provider not on this list you can email us about it and we will investigate if we can develop support for it in the future.

Posted by Gemma on June 20th 2018

Data protection

We have successfully implemented the new data protection regulations for GDPR on the website. We have put launching our forum on hold while we make it GDPR compliant.

Posted by Gemma on May 12th 2018

Our website pilot is now up and running

I created this project in order to have a place where all aspects of genetic genealogy and health can be explored. We are in the process of developing multiple tools to expand the limits of what we can all learn from our DNA. Please get in touch with any requests and we will try to implement them on our site.

Posted by Gemma on March 23rd 2018

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